The X Street Battle is organised by the french non-profit organisation registered under number Siret 82343333900012.

Rules acceptance:

By registering to the X Street Battle, you accept, without reservation, each of the rules that are indicated in this page. These rules may be modified at any time by the organizer, who will communicate publicly within a maximum of 7 days as to the changes made.

Tournaments registration and access:

  • The X Street Battle tournament will start from Saturday, October 15th, 2022 to Sunday, the 16th. Location will be "Epitech" at Lyon
  • Registrations are online: this is the only place to register
  • Full Access Pass must be purchased to enter the tournament


All entrants must be able to prove their ID at the entrance.


These rules are an attempt to insure that the tournament runs fairly and as smoothly as possible. However, unforeseen circumstances may require a special response, and for that reason the Tournament Organizer reserves the right to change any of the tournament rules or remove any player at any time, at their sole discretion.

Super Turbo - Solo Tournament

  • Free character select, best of three
  • The format will be double elimination: in each meeting, the winner continues in the winner bracket, the loser goes in the loser bracket. When the player loses in the loser bracket, he is permanently eliminated from the tournament
  • Side and character pick : see the dedicated topic below

Super Turbo - Team 3VS3 Tournament

  • Character locked, double or triple character allowed, best of one
  • The format will be double elimination: in each meeting, the winning team continues in the winner bracket, the losing team goes in the loser bracket. When the team loses in the loser bracket, it is permanently eliminated from the tournament
  • Team tournament with the “Strike” system (the player that wins stays until he is defeated), determined by a single match
  • If necessary, the team captains will play Janken: the winner decides which player to send first and the loser chooses which side to play

Global rules valid for all tournaments:

  • The tournaments will be held on the japanese arcade (CPS-2) version of Super Street Fighter 2X, on versus cabinets
  • Be on time, no delay will be tolerated. If your delay blocks the smooth running of the tournament you will be sent looser and eliminated if the delay persists
  • Players can't use bugs or glitches which would alter the normal course of the game
  • When both players are ready to play, they must come to an agreement which side of the machine they will play on (who will sit on 1p and who will sit on 2p). If an agreement cannot be reached, a game of Janken will determine who gets to pick their side
  • Gouki / Akuma is banned

Choosing Characters:

There are 2 methods for choosing characters: Standard Selection and Double Blind Selection. If the players do not discuss the method of character selection, it should be understood that the Standard method is being used. If the players cannot come to an agreement on the method of character selection, the judge will apply the double blind method.

  • Standard Selection: Both players choose their characters whenever they want. This is a free for all. Players pick who they want and go. Once either player chooses a character, neither is allowed to request that the Double Blind Selection method be used
  • Double Blind Selection: Either player must explicitly ask for the Double Blind Selection method before either player chooses a character. When a player requests Double Blind, the player on the left side (1p) decides which characters they will choose and whispers his selection to the Tournament Organizer. The Tournament Organizer then signals the player on the right (2p) to pick his characters. Once the player on the right (2p) has finished, the Tournament Organizer makes sure the player on the left (1p) sticks to his original choices

Once sides and characters have been chosen, the players should begin the first Game in the Match. The following rules go into effect once a Game ends.

  • The Match is over when either player wins the required number of games
  • Once a player has won the required number of games, the winner of the Match should report the result to the Tournament Organizer
  • The player who won the last game is required to keep the same character
  • The player who lost the last game is allowed to choose whatever characters they wish

Reporting Equipment Failure:

The buttons and joysticks can be faulty: they may occasionally break in the middle of a game, leaving the player with the hardware problem at a significant disadvantage. In this situation, the player has the right to stop the game in progress in order to obtain a replacement material. The equipments will be changed quickly and the game will have to be replayed fully if the issue is acknowledged by the referee.

Additional Rules:

  • Anyone refusing to play any Match (including the finals) will be disqualified and forfeit all rights to any titles or prizes they might have otherwise earned for that tournament
  • Tournament Organizer has a zero tolerance policy toward violence, threats of violence, intimidation, and other forms of thuggery. Any threat of violence, extreme intimidation, or violence of any kind will result in an immediate and lifetime ban


Anyone attending the X Street Battle grants to the organizer the right to use, edit, adapt, post, stream, copy, display, perform, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise commercialize Images, including any names, likenesses, voice, conversation and any other attributes of Participant’s personality and appearance, individually or with others, in whole or in part, alone or in conjunction with other material, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity throughout the world, for the purpose of trade, advertising, promotion or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, without additional compensation, consideration, notification or permission, except where prohibited by law. This authorization is valid for worldwide use and for the entire legal term of copyright protection for the media mentioned above.


The personal data of the purchaser and / or the beneficiaries of the tickets, collected at the time of the order of the ticket, give rise to a computer processing, for the purpose of managing the said order. In accordance with the provisions of article 39 and 40 of the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, the purchaser and the beneficiary of a ticket have at any time a right of access and rectification of data on concerning by email to the address of the organizer: They have the option of opposing, at no cost, that the data concerning them are used for prospecting purposes, in particular for commercial purposes.

The bank details communicated by the Purchaser during the payment of his order are stored in the OPEN PARC provider's systems mandated for this purpose and are subject to special security measures. In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, these data are used and retained only for the purposes and for the duration of the transaction, and are permanently erased once the actual payment.