Practical informations

How to get to XSB:

Epitech is located at 2 Rue du Professeur Charles Appleton, Lyon, France.


  • 15min: From the Part-Dieu station, take subway line B direction Gare d'Oullins and get off at Jean Macé
  • 10min: From the Perrache train station, you just need to cross the Gallieni Bridge by walking South East to reach Epitech


Lyon has an international airport called Saint-Exupéry. You can buy the Rhônexpress tickets two months earlier to have a better price.

  • 1h: Use the Rhônexpress service to reach the Part-Dieu train station. From the Part-Dieu station, take subway line B direction Gare d'Oullins and get off at Jean Macé




Possibility to accomodate 3 to 4 people in one room:


Aim for the city center so you can move quickly and easily. Don't hesitate to book appartements with multiple rooms and beds so you can share with other people and get better prices individually!

On site snacks and drinks

As always, our team will provide bar on site where you can get snacks and drinks for fair price.

Welcome to France's leading gastronomic city!

Right next to our event is the "Rue Chevreul". This area will offer you an impressive mix of typically French dishes and a variety of foods from all over the world, with a variety to satisfy every taste! Many bars serving food are also located in the "Rue de Marseille". So you can enjoy an after-party with your best rivals and chat loudly about the matches for hours! Beware of Sundays: in France, many things are closed on Sundays, but there are so many options that you needn't worry too much.

Fast food: King Marcel

Burgers "à la française". They work so hard on their product an american may find a new definition of what a burger is.

Fast food: Yaafa

Veggie food with insane falafels. They are super crispy and tasty. They are an excellent alternative to salads.

Fast food: BAP

Family corean restaurant. They offer a wide variety of meals. Closed on Sunday.

Fast food: Ramen Djizan

Possibly the best ramens of Lyon! The menu is short, but the product is mastered! Closed on Sunday.

Restaurant: En Mets, fais ce qu'il te plaît

Here comes a gastronomic restaurant. They blend the best of French and Asian cuisine... and the result is obviously insane. Closed Saturday lunchtime and all Sunday.

Restaurant: Bar des Oliviers

Want to enjoy some "Plat du jour", such as "Salade Lyonnaise" or a typical "Gratin Dauphinois aux morilles"? Stop scrolling, this is what you need! It's the classic French brasserie-restaurant type.

Boulangerie: La Maie du 26

How could you visit France without going through a Boulangerie ? Croissant, chocolatine, choux à la crème... find anything that would suit your morning coffee there! They also do take away "Quiche" / pizza / spinach & goat cheese tart. Don't forget your baguette! Closed on Sunday.

Restaurant: Le Chevreul

Very hungry? Well, you may consider this place then! They will force-feed you like a goose, with great french classics: tartare, profiterole dessert, blanquette de veau... don't foget to ask for a "Pot de Côte"! Great atmosphere. Closed on Sunday.

Restaurant: Les Innoncents

You never know what you're going to eat when you walk in, but you can be sure that they'll be mixing the art of gastronomy, from classic to modern, not forgetting a few foreign influences. Very welcoming. Closed on Sunday.

Bar: Le Commerce

The room is large, so it's easy to get there with a group. They offer a wide selection of beers and excellent cocktails. You can also eat there, and they do it very well!

Bar: Pignouf

Nice selection of beers and good food, but beware of the kitchen closing time.

Bar: Barcandier

Another classic bar with a fine selection of beers. Their food is great! Closed on Sunday.