Tournaments information

Saturday 10/13 - Solo Sunday 10/14 - Team 3v3

12am - 7pm : Welcoming of the players - casual games in standard conditions of the arcade (0,2€ = 1 credit), 9 versus setups available for 18 players simultaneously
7pm > 11pm : Addition of the UD-CPS2/Supergun setups, freeplay on the cabs + start of the solo tournament
11pm > 1am : Freeplay
1am : Closing

11am : Venue opens / Freeplay
1pm > 6pm : Team 3v3 tournament
6pm > 11pm : Freeplay
11pm : Closing


Spectators :

  • No spectators will be allowed during the two days of the even : 96 people is the maximum which this venue can hold.

Budget :

    In order to be perfectly transparent, here is how we built the budget of the XSB: let’s keep in mind that we are an non-profit organization; our objective is self-financing and clean results (no profit, no loss):
  • The 20€ you will pay when you register go to our defrayal budget in order to help up to 3 japanese players to make it to our event. Every 400€ we collect with registrations will open 1 slot for 1 player, with a maximum of 3. The rest of the money will help buying streaming material, trophies, etc… In other words, the days you register for the XSB, you will participate to a crowdfunding in order to build a great ST event !
  • We won’t buy any airplane ticket for japanese players or others : they will come at their own expense and if they do, the ones that have been selected will get 400€ at their arrival in Lyon.
  • What happens if a japanese player doesn’t come in the end ? The money we raised will be used for the same purpose at the following edition of XSB the year after.
Solo Specificities : 3vs3 Specificities :
  • Free character select, best of three
  • Solo tournament with simple elimination
  • Side and character pick : see the dedicated topic below
  • Character locked, no double character, best of one
  • Team tournament in double elimination
  • Team tournament with the “strike” system (the player that wins stays until he is defeated) determined by a single match
  • If necessary, the team captains will do a janken (rock-paper-scissors) to decide which player to send first

Basic Rules :

  • Don’t be late or fear elimination, or at least some unpleasant vacations in the loser bracket or final elimination.
  • The tournaments will be held on the japanese arcade (CPS-2) version of Super Street Fighter 2 X, on versus cabinets (Astro City and Versus City).
  • Gouki/Akuma : Banned

Sides pick :

If the players don’t agree on which side they prefer to play, they will do a janken (rock-paper-scissors) and the winner can choose it.

Characters pick :

Two methods can be applied : Standard Pick or Blind Pick.

  • Standard : each player selects his character/player normally, as they would in a casual game. Once it’s selected, there is no turning back to a blind pick.
  • Blind : both players whisper their character/player to a different referee, and both the referees reveal it at the same time, neutrally.

Equipments issues :

  • The buttons and joysticks can be faulty. In this situation, the equipments will be changed quickly, the game will have to be replayed fully if the issue is acknowledged by the referee.

Additional rules :

  • Withdrawal means loss of every weekend prizes.
  • We have a very strict policy about threats and violent behaviour. People will be banned from the tournament if they generate any kind of issue.

All these rules exist so we can ensure the best conditions of enjoyement for the weekend. The referees may have to modify some of the above rules if special circumstances make it necessary.